Katherine Herbert, L.Ac, RN - The Quest for Well-being - Houston, TX
Katherine Herbert, Dipl.OM, L.Ac.,RN, LMT - Acupuncture, Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

By the time most patients contact me, they have a medical condition which no one has been able to diagnose or get relief from the symptoms. They are frustrated, often in pain and still searching for an answer.

  • You need a diagnosis that addresses the cause of the condition. Conventional medicine usually gives you a diagnosis if a problem is recognized. An example is "arthritis", which means "joint inflammation". This diagnosis does not identify the cause of the condition, nor lead to satisfactory treatment. If there are symptoms that do not fit the conditions they are trained to treat, the person is sent from specialist to specialist looking for the diagnosis. Once the symptom is identified, the next logical question to ask is "What is causing this condition". The case of arthritis, one would want to know what is causing the inflammation.  The cause could be mechanical stress on the joint, maybe nutritional imbalances, allergic reactions or chronic food intolerance.

  • It is important to  find a physician, with whom you feel comfortable in developing a working relationship. Choose a physician that practices a comprehensive system of  medicine, one that will treat both the root (cause) and the symptoms. Oriental Medicine & Ayervedic Medicine are two examples that have evolved with a long history of clinical success. Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging medicine and Physicians who do genetic testing will also provide comprehensive approaches to wellness.

  • Your participation in the healing journey is mandatory. Once the habits that interfere with health are identified, you must be willing to make the necessary changes in your life in order to achieve your goals. You are the most important component of your health care plan.